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One of the most enduring garden annuals is sweet alyssum. This old-time favorite produces dainty honey-scented flowers throughout the growing season. The mounding or trailing habit is well-suited for containers, hanging baskets and garden beds. Height/Spread: Sprawling or mounding habit, with plants growing 4-10 inches tall, 10-48 inches wide, with branches trailing up to 36 inches long. Exposure: Sweet alyssum blooms best with at least six hours of full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. In warmer climates, plants perform best with protection from hot afternoon sun. Bloom time: Spring until the first hard frost.
  • Height/Spread

    4-8 inches tall/24-48 inches wide
  • Exposure

    Funn sun/Partial Shade
  • Bloom Time

    Late spring until first frost
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